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The Porpoise P3 shown attached to high value compounding extruder for MFI testing of finished product. QA based on MFI test ensures customer receives 100% of materials that conform to specification.

The Porpoise P3 shown connected to a small extruder for MFI tests. Variants available for MFI & Shear Viscosity tests, in Return or Non Return to Stream format. Typical use – In pairs, where 2 streams of product are joined to make the final product. Precise measurement of viscosity of allows corrective control of the physical properties of the final product.

P3 Melt Indexer on high value compounding line
P3 Melt Indexer on high value compounding line
Most recent version of P3 Melt Indexer shown alongside high value compounding line where payback was achieved within 3 weeks of installation