It all began in the Instrument Support Group of ICI Plastics Division. One of the best place to experience and learn how to achieve Right first time, Every time. Above all, to contribute to success.

The job in hand for the new engineer was to develop process analysers for the control of large scale continuous production. Valuable experience in the rapidly changing world of polymer production. New computing power bringing to bear significant improvement in the plant efficiency and quality of the products and so advancing the company’s global position. The key to these economic solutions was better process control.


ICI geared on bulk production, resulting the outsourcing of an increasing amount of technical support. Encouragement to the instrument engineer to form Porpoise Viscometers and for the company to develop and manufacture a range of advanced on-line, at-line and laboratory rheometers. Porpoise collaborated with ICI Botany Operations Pty, culminating in closed loop control of polypropylene and its polyethylene co-polymer reactions. The plant was sold off as part of ICI’s strategy to leave polymer production, fortuitously securing the path to high precision polymerisation control.

This experience highlighted the absolute necessity of staying at the forefront of MFI analyser development. So the engineer formed Molecular Control Systems (MCS) continuing with the core business of process control and making the necessary advances in the performance of the key analyser.

Molecular Control Systems