To supply fully integrated polymerisation control systems in collaboration with the polymer manufacturer.

About us outlines the concept of the polymerisation control project and the importance of providing the fully integrated solution.

The section on Capability explains the management structure required to tackle all aspects of these complex projects.

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molecular control systems

The main object is to produce a viable Control System that will bring a good return on investment to the polymer producer as well as producing very consistent polymer for the downstream processor or end user. There are specific challenges for the polymer producer, the downstream processor of the polymer and the producer of the control system. The solution starts with better control of the polymer manufacturing process, which is laid out as a three stage progression that culminates in the optimisation of the polymerisation plant.

MFI Analysers deals with the enabling technology. Improved analysers measuring the key polymer property, MFI, enable a new level of control to be brought into many polymerisation processes. These include Porpoise equipment and upgraded competitor equipment that have been brought up to the latest level of conformance with the use of MCS IPR and technology.

molecular control systems
molecular control systems

Two historical articles may be of interest. Control of the Alpha-Olefin group of Polymers, takes us from the fundamental relationships that govern the formation of polymers, through to how these relationships are used in continuous polymerisation plants. Melt Flow Index explains how the manually operated method, that is still used today, has evolved into the MFI Analyser. A wide range of topics are covered. Starting with the pioneering work of Messrs. Greaves and Oakes, the originators of the MFI test and going on to Computer Fluid Dynamics technique that has helped to dramatically improve the analyser conformance with the ASTM/ISO standards and so pave the way to the definitive way of controlling polymerisation process.